Monday, April 29, 2013

Abraham-Hicks: Discs and Pipes

So the buzz from the latest Abraham-Hicks workshop in San Antonio is more talk of discs and pipes.  I think this one was webcast, so more of the online people got to hear about the grid discs and the laying of new pipes than just the hangers on reading notes from the CancĂșn event.  I guess pipes are a metaphor for the state of a person's vibration. Esther is telling people they can "lay new pipes" rather than bother cleaning out the ones they've already laid.  This kind of teaching has appeal; how nice to know that even though my life reflects some gunked up pipes, all I have to do is __________ and I can have brand new pipes.  Sorry, I haven't looked closely enough to find out what it is that one has to do to get those new pipes.  Get happy, presumably.  Some sage advice: "Lay a few new pipes and your sensation of worthiness and blessedness and things working out the way that they should will multiply".  Clear as mud, eh? 

With grid-building and pipe-laying, one could almost get the idea that they were DOING something when they actually aren't.  I know when I was an Aber, I thought I was being productive when I was doing an Abraham-Hicks process, or watching a good-feeling movie.  What a joke!  The only thing I was doing was wasting my life!  It's Abraham quotes like this that give people the wrong idea: "You can lay new pipes at any time and as often as you like.  As you tell your story on any topic, ask yourself how do my pipes feel in the telling of this story?  Do they feel closed, constricted, and pinching off from the good feelings that I want for myself?  Or do these pipes feel open and free-flowing?  Is this a story of ease and flow?"  Laying pipes (in this context) is not a real thing!  Neither is building grids, for that matter! 

As for the discs, I'm not sure if the disc is supposed to represent a vibrational place or a vibrational thing.  I've got a few quotes regarding discs:

Just keep picking a disc and being very clear about it

People who are not on good feeling discs gravitate to the horror stories

While you may choose the disc that you get on, you're not choosing the disc that they get on

It doesn't matter if you don't like the disc you are spinning, it gives you information about what you want

The way discs have been spoken of from workshop to workshop isn't consistent.  Has anyone else even noticed this?


  1. As you know, Mariah, I vever really had much to do with Esther Hicks' scam, and I only mainly read your blog because I appreciate the genre. New Age teachers don't know how to deal with any form of criticism at all, yet criticism is essential growth, and when the criticism is blocked out, then ridicule become appropriate.

    ...And when the ridicule is blocked out I guess a teacher starts talking about vibrators and laying pipes and all this stuff, without a hint of how silly she would even look to herself if she thought about it for a moment!

    Or is Esther's antenna for a good sell becoming skewed ever since her marketing wizzkid manifested leukemia and disappeared up his own vortex? --Er I mean, transitioned...

    1. Thanks for commenting, Yakaru. It's always nice to hear from you!

      I was a bit surprised to see that she was still talking about pipes. It's such a ridiculous analogy! It is also reminiscent of an analogy she used awhile ago but didn't stick with. Something about laying pathways or something.

      Yeah, it's different since Jerry died. I've noticed that lots of people point that out. They usually say something like, "it's different but I can't put my finger on it." Of course it's different! Her mentor died, in bold in-your-face contradiction to the teachings!

  2. So, they're laying out new pipes. Metaphysically speaking, or something like that. It sounds like the various calls for unified prayer fronts to fix the country by bringing it "back" to their god. Both cases lack any real action being taken and amount to begging something fictional to do the work for them.

    Sometimes I'd laugh at that sort of thing, but at the moment it's just sad.


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