Friday, January 11, 2013

"They Call Her Abraham"

I find this completely hilarious.  It seems Esther Hicks has attracted a situation where a gentleman by the name of Len Branson residing in Europe has been lead to begin a documentary titled "They Call Her Abraham"- without Esther's permission to do so!  He's just following his bliss, though, so she shouldn't have a problem with it.  Right?

Apparently David Gordon of Abe Forum fame has a problem with it.  (I have not heard any comments on Esther's reaction, but I can guess what it would be.)  Filmmaker Branson has put together a facebook page for his project (They Call Her Abraham) and David G. has already chimed in his thoughts that Esther should be consulted first.  Len (lovingly) disagrees.

From the "They Call Her Abraham" Facebook page:
  • David Gordon I don't see anything saying that if a movie is not made that the money will be returned. Does that matter to anyone supporting it? Is there at least a promise there? Also, again, nobody from Abraham-Hicks Publications is endorsing this campaign nor the idea of this movie. I would hope some respect is given to Esther’s part in this thing.


  • They Call Her Abraham Hi David Gordon, the movie will be made; is in the works right now... that is the promise... That is why I'm sharing the whole process... As an investigative journalist I don't need an endorsment to cover a story because I'm trying to stay as objective as possible - though I love Abraham/Hicks much:-)... I cover it as best as I can and if people want to endorse it in the end... then that would be really nice. For using the footage I will need permission at some point. And that is why we will ofcourse ask people for that. I can just say that I'm a respectfull human being and that I will do no harm to others... that is a promise 2:-)... @ (another commenter) so nice that you're contacting me here... As I am not an authority on the matter of channeling, Abraham and Esther... I'm doing all the research I can... as this is what journalist do and what I've learned over the years. I'm happy that you co-create in sharing what you know. Would you mind telling me/or give me a link so I can check out what Abraham/Hicks view on channeling is exactly. That would be most helpful! I thank you so much. @ (another commenter) I'm crediting Deepak, Esther and Oprah because there in this edit. They do not know about this project yet.... But I'm working on that because I would love all the support I can get on this journey... As mentioned above... I'm sharing my research, my proof edits, my try-outs, my blunders and tribulations and joy and love openly because I do consider this a co-creation! Everyone who wants to step in and help, bring me stories, donate, correct me, comment, pad me on the back... you are all very welcome to do. There's nothing else but love that is empowering me to go forward and take one step at a time. The journey of this making is 'the real journey' ... love, Len

  • [snip]

  • David Gordon If someone was making a video about me and publishing it, I'd like to have some say in it. I know you have rights, I just care about Esther the person, so much so, I'd prefer she have a say in it. So far I see none. Yes, you have rights to do what you do, but personally, I'd rather see it done with her in concert and agreement to it. That's all. Simple.

  • David Gordon As far as permissions and doing it all correctly, you are using a frame grab from one of their videos as your identity picture. There is no permission for that. Why not use your own face?

  • (Another commenter) frame grabs and MORE abound...

  • (Another commenter)  Going with the flow feels so good. There are no guarantees that everyone in this process will feel good from their vantage point. I would say that is their resistance and needs to be addressed by them. One thing I know for sure, Esther will see exactly what she wants to see and her unfolding is example for us all. Esther creates her own experiences and neither I or any film maker or any person can jump into her creation and throw her off into a bad feeling place - except for Esther. Try as we may we can not protect Esther either, its her vibrational life, its law of attraction. I am more than sure at this point in her life she has her big girl britches on and commands a blissful outcome in her creations.
    David G. comes off as ultra-protective of Esther Hicks, both here and with the Abe Forum.  I have no idea why. (Unless it's because of the monthly stipend from Abraham-Hicks Publications.)

    (end Facebook quoting)

    Another hilarious aspect of this whole thing is that Len Branson writes on the fundraising website that he is familiar with the Abraham-Hicks™  material.  Yet his "sneak preview" takes the approach of Esther Hicks as a channeler.  Any good brainwashed Hicksian knows NOT TO CALL IT CHANNELING! Abe followers quickly learn that either ESTHER HICKS DOES NOT CHANNEL or EVERYONE CHANNELS WHEN THEY DO ANYTHING.  Basketball players, doctors, painters, and poets, all channel.  That's just what Esther does.  The same thing basketball players, doctors, painters, and poets do.  Except basketball players, doctors, painters, and poets don't go by a different name attributed to non-physical entities.  Generally speaking.  
    It must be a bit confusing to do research on a person who clearly presents themselves as a "channeler" yet claims that the word does not apply.  Some are easily swayed (brainwashed) but looking at the Abraham show objectively, what is she if not a channeler?  

    Mr. Branson also tackles the angle that the world is now ready to know about the "messenger" whereas before they were only ready for the message.  Quoting Oprah or something.  He references the fact that Esther Hicks was edited out of The Secret. For what it's worth, I think the world would be ready to hear the message, except that the message isn't accurate, factual, or true!  In fact, the message seems to appeal to our baser, less mature ways of thinking.  The world has been ready for wishful thinking for a long time!  
    Perhaps this filmmaker will discover some "interesting" truths about she who "they call Abraham".  At the moment, his fundraising video notes that "the wisest person on earth... is a woman!"  The wisest person on earth?  Wow!  I wonder if he knows that the wisest person on earth doesn't even understand percentages?  Or if he knows that the wisest person on earth thinks Jerry Hicks first used the word delicious to mean something other than food, when the word had actually been used that way for centuries?  

    This could be a fun one to watch.  I'm sure it will be the perfect unfolding.  

    UPDATE 01/18/2013 

    Well, David G. is doing more "pushing against" on the "They Call Her Abraham" page on Facebook.  In case you're not one of the billion or so people on Facebook, I quote Mr. Gordon for your convenience, "It will only be a video about the people that calling Esther by the name of Abraham, unless of course, Esther agrees to do an exclusive interview with you. There is no chance of that, I am certain. There will be no official clips of Esther and no interviews with her, right, Len?"  Again getting on filmmaker Len Branson's case for use of images.  Mr. Branson continues to state that he is creating a documentary, and even asked David G. if he'd like to be interviewed for the film.  David declined.  The thing is, documentarians are allowed to use certain materials (even official clips!) in their films.  It's called "fair use" and given that this is not his first documentary, no doubt Branson knows how to stay within fair use boundaries.  

    From the Documentary Filmmakers' Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use“Fair use” is a key part of the social bargain at the heart of copyright law, in which as a society we concede certain limited individual property rights to ensure the benefits of creativity to a living culture. We have chosen to encourage creators by rewarding their efforts with copyright. To promote new cultural production, however, it also is important to give other creators opportunities to use copyrighted material when they are making something new that incorporates or depends on such material. Unless such uses are possible, the whole society may lose important expressions just because one person is arbitrary or greedy. So copyright law has features that permit quotations from copyrighted works to be made without permission, under certain conditions.

    David G., you might want to just relax and go pet your cat or something.   


  1. I could understand why David Gordon would want to be asked if anyone was making a movie about him, but then, he's not a public figure running around proclaiming that God, Jesus, and probably all the disciples speaks through him.

    It's completely in order for a film maker to want to make a film about a well known person. David Gordon's attitude reveals what the whole operation is about: it's a business.

    As for the "investigative journalist" who doesn't know how to investigate without making waves, and who has already trumpeted his expectation that he'll make public blunders, and who wants everyone else to do the work with him and pay him as well, all I can say is good luck. You're trying to catch a ride on the coat tails of some ruthless and highly litigious business people. Get some legal advice before proceeding, Mr Branson!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Yakaru. I guess the guy agreed to remove a photo of Esther Hicks, and David G said, yes, you really should. And another guy chimed in that as long as Esther is in the public domain and has the intention of affecting many, it's unreasonable to think something like this wouldn't happen. Then he wrote, "In my years as a student of the teachings of Abraham I have seen many many photos of Esther and Jerry used on facebook and blogs etc....It would be a near impossible task for anyone to police the usage of images of these famous people. The concern here once again lies with Esther Hicks and what her intentions are with her photos if they are not public domain. I am assuming that because hundreds if not thousands of photos that continue to appear in media there is no current effort to make anyone comply to anything......hmmmmm those words....make anyone comply! So out of the vortex! And now we have our answer."

      Dontcha love it when people follow the teachings and the gurus (or their henchmen) get pissed off?

      Yep, it's a business.

    2. the guy switched the photo David G had complained about (he didn't have permission to use it) to one from the public domain. Still a picture of Esther Hicks, though. David's comment: that it feels icky to him. Well, David Gordon, remember what "Abraham" says... It feels icky because you're thinking a thought that your inner being doesn't agree with. Your inner being (which actually doesn't exist, so don't worry about it) thinks it's all good. Don't forget that happiness is an inside job and you need to "go general" and not convince the man creating "They Call Her Abraham" to do anything differently.

    3. I think it's funny that Mr. Gordon took the approach of "you don't have permission" when the real concern was just having Esther's face on the Facebook page of an unauthorized documentary. So the guy uses a picture from the public domain instead. Not well-played, David G.!

    4. As a 10+ years "follower" of Abraham/Esther, and lover of them, I am excited about this movie.....I feel if Esther doesn't have anything to hide, what's the worry, it will all work out for the best for all involved.....In Abe speak, you can't "control" everything, and things always work out better when you give give up control and just go with the flow, be happy.....I suggest that it's time for Esther/Abraham and their followers to remember what they teach---and just enjoy the ride....It's all good---whether you "authorized" it or not....I'm remembering all those teaching from Abraham right now, having to do with all those "controlling" parents, teaching them to just be happy and see the good.....Nothing can hurt us in our Vortex....

    5. I agree, margretdzn, for Esther or anyone to try to control this is certainly anyone's choice, but not at all in line with what Estherham teaches.

      Perhaps this film will be a huge success. I can hear Esther's voice right now saying, if you've got something negative going on, don't worry, it will get bigger!

    6. PS margretdzn, thanks for adding your perspective. :)

  2. I wonder if the title is a play on the title for this movie?

    They Call Her Trouble

  3. Is this movie producer/creator a person who wants to produce a film to truly explore Esther/Abraham as an arrive at a greater revelation of who they/she are/is...or simply to turn a buck? What do you all think?

    1. Hey, Flipside, thanks for the comment. I think it's funny that you of all people would question this man's motives. :) I haven't seen enough of his work to form an opinion. Based on what I've seen of him and others like him, he sincerely believes this is an inspired idea and his following his bliss. It's not uncommon for an "Aber" or "Aber-inclined person" to suddenly come up with an idea and believe it is their Inner Being leading them to the means of manifesting their vortex millions. Is that what's going on in this man's head? I have no idea!

  4. Mariah--Just as you said...that you haven't seen enough of his work to form an opinion...and that what is "...going on in his head...I (you) have no idea!"; so it is with me (i.e., I haven't seen--or even heard of) ANY of his work. That's precisely why I asked the question as to what other bloggers on your site might think, as some may have more info than I do. Although you "...think it's funny that you (I) of all people would question this man's motives. :)", I'll clarify. I don't question his motives one way or another ("good" or "bad", "positive" or "negative"). I simply don't have enough information to make that evaluation. All I did was ask what others think. If, in fact, I WERE questioning his motives, I would have clearly said so.

    1. Of course you would have! I just found it funny. :)

    2. I hope you don't hit reverse gear like that when you're driving, Flipside!

  5. Note-I just updated the post above. David G is at it again on facebook, bullying Len Branson for including certain images in his promotion of his film project "They Call Her Abraham". Thing is, people who make documentaries are allowed to use copyrighted materials in some instances as part of their film making process. I'm no legal expert, but I don't see this documentary-maker doing anything wrong.

  6. Branson backed out of the Abe movie. Did he loose his balls or did Ester's lawyers send him a nice 'I'll sue your ass if you do this movie' note? Branson changed it to 'miracle movie' and will include Ester in it. What a disappointment. Here I thought he'd have a movie about her but something happened and he has backed off. He's not telling the whole story and neither is Ester or David G. Go figure!


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