Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A suicide cover up on the Abe Forum?

When I stopped practicing the Abraham teachings, it was primarily because I no longer wanted to listen to Esther's voice, and I didn't feel like these teachings were for me.  I felt like Esther wasn't giving us information that was helpful, and that either she was not knowledgeable enough to receive useful answers from Abraham, or there was something wrong with Abraham.  I also had gotten into a situation that required action on my part (which had been made worse by my inaction while following the Abe teachings, but that's not what this post was about.)  Following the Abe teachings was not helping, and I no longer felt these ideas were relevant to me.

As time went by, and I felt the relief of not practicing these teachings, I realized in retrospect what a fog I'd been in, and how I'd really made some poor choices by following these teachings.  I realized it was not just a matter of personal preference (I just don't like Esther's voice anymore) but a matter of these teachings being inaccurate and in some cases, dangerous.  And, and this is huge in my book, there really is no "Abraham" out there in the non-physical who wants to help us humans figure this stuff out.  This is why I decided to start a blog about my "Post-Abe" experiences.  If I just plain didn't like Abraham, I wouldn't have bothered.  I do feel these teachings do not hold up to scrutiny, and do not help the majority of people who practice them.

I've also discovered that the more time a person looks into the "Abrascam" the uglier it gets.

I wrote a post the other day on "Abraham" and parenting, and a heartbreakingly horrible story was told in the comments sections.  (Here's the post, there are quite a few comments on this story.)

Here's the story, told by Tina (quoted from the comments section of the post mentioned above.)

"...this is a link to a poster named Karen, who posted as Ari (her son's name) on the Abe Forum. The following video is pre-Abraham.

At some point she came upon the Esther teachings (from herein I refuse to give credit to fake entities when it is Esther's comments, words and twisted musings, whims, and responses that are being looked upon as truths from infinitely intelligent beings).

I recall Ari/Karen posting and seeking help and alignment, and seemingly, the harder she tried, the worse her life became. She quit her job at the encouragement of fellow posters. She was financially strapped at this time, but trusted she could rely on the abundance that was sure to flow in from her art work because of Esther's teachings. She would post every once in a while her out of alignment, losing her loft, no money, an art job would come in but be surrounded with problems. Most of her issues were seemingly stemming of lack of finances. She was getting deeper and deeper in depression, and her posts were clearly reflecting this, all the while she continued to get the same canned responses about getting into alignment, etc., and reminding her how close she is to getting everything in her escrow. She would get into a happier place, but then return a week later more depressed and discouraged than the week before.

Some of her last posts revolved around her excitement over her son's upcoming wedding, which was marred by financial concerns and not being able to afford a nice dress. Before her son's wedding, and I remember clearly hearing of her suicide through a fellow poster, who was a friend and sounding board for me when things were feeling off on that forum (from day one of my arrival); I heard the day after, on Jody's birthday. There was a Happy Birthday Jody thread on the forum, and because I am a bit of a nonconformist and such, I decided to use that thread as a platform to announce this suicide in as Abe-like manner as I could, hoping it would stay on the board. I didn't like the fact that it was hush-hush and her name was quickly reduced to "guest." I repeat, quickly reduced to "guest." I went to look at Ari's atavar one last time, and perhaps save it to my computer as I loved the picture, which was a painting she had done. I was shocked when I looked for her name and saw she had been quickly reduced to "guest" and her avatar and information were gone. It was as if she never existed on that forum. A few people did see my post before it was removed and starting asking about Ari and surprised at her death. Jody made a post reflecting the topic was not up for conversation, or something to that effect. This was in, I believe, August of 2009, but I am not 100% certain. I am going to look back on the forum and see if I can find anything.

I did also received a message from Jody explaining that the moderators decided it was best to not allow any discussion of Ari, yap, yap, yap... If they truly feel death is a joyous occasion, they sure did clean their hands quickly of any connection to Ari/Karen. Why in the world would they need to remove her name from the guest list and simply reduce her to guest that quickly?" 

What a tragedy.  And the fact that no discussion of this forum member who had been quite active was allowed makes one wonder.

Adding: Here's an interesting blog post about the connection between Abraham-Hicks Publications and the Abe Forum.

And another article: An Abraham-Hicks Suicide  

Cosmic Connie has written a wonderful tribute to Karen and her very talented son


  1. I'm transferring the comments over from the other post as well.

  2. Clarity~ said...

    Oh dear Tina, oh dear *heavy heart*

    Andrew Wilcox was another aber who committed suicide but he was a totally diff personality. He reveled in dark themes. At one time he was part of the Hicks inner circle as I am told. He declared Ester a complete fraud. He was before my time. From all that I have heard from ppl that knew him (Abe Talk which was different from Abe Forum) ppl did try and help him. Abe Talk was not your usual run of the mill flock. They were renegades that the Hicks despised.

    When I watched the video of Karen it's so plain to see how quiet and fragile she was. At least her son was getting married and had someone to turn to.

    And right you are...if death is this joyous occasion (which I ascribe to btw, not from Abe, just from my own explorations) why hush it up??? Why remove her name and avatar?

    Since the Hicks (now hick) control the abe forum, pay David etc to keep everyone inline you can know for certain the Hicks wanted it hushed up. Jerry called the shots on that forum.

    What amazes me even more is it 'seems like' David, Jody, Mark, Lisa and the other honchos past and present still seem to think Abe is real. Like how can they??? Even Jody who dumped David and took up with Peter Bemish still promotes abe. They wrote a joy of sex book and mention abe. These are ppl that know more about the inner workings than any of us so I just don't get it. I never knew much about the Hicks but those folks know it all or more than most. When I hit enough dissonance I bailed. They have seen it all or most anyway. Must be some dissonance tolerance scale.

    Ah, here we go searching that term...I quote~

    Dissonance is "a negative drive state which occurs whenever an individual holds two cognitions (ideas, beliefs and attitudes) which are psychologically inconsistent" (Festinger, 1957). Dissonance theory, in common with other 'consistency theories', assumes our mind's desired state is one of balance and harmony between our ideas, beliefs and attitudes. Dissonance theory enjoys wide applications since it is concerned with any instance where two cognitions are psychologically inconsistent.

    We all have different levels of tolerance for dissonance. One difficulty for social psychologists is their attempt to predict when and in what circumstance dissonance provides motivation for an individual to change their ideas, beliefs or attitudes. The breadth of dissonance theory is its main strength. Three areas of research have proved fertile for cognitive dissonance theorists - decision-making, forced compliance behaviour and effort.

    Forced-Compliance Behaviour
    The less we get paid for doing something against our beliefs or attitudes the more likely we are to change those beliefs or attitudes. Conversely, the more we get paid for doing something against our beliefs or attitudes, the less likely we are to change our beliefs or attitudes!
    So sure...even Jody who has bailed on the forum and is not part of the abe crowd still derives some benefit from abe association as do the regulars. If Ester gets outed I bet we see more jumping ship with stories. That the Hicks didn't give a damn speaks volumes.

    Did you ever hear how Ari was doing? Did she leave a note? Who found her? What became of her beautiful paintings? So many questions I know but I find this very very saddening. Well intentioned abers never had a chance to learn how giving pat advice can contribute to the loss of life. This I find very troubling. I wonder if there have been others we never hear of.

    thank you Tina~
    January 2, 2012 10:03 PM

  3. Clarity~ said...

    I've been reading some of Karen's post. What I see are well intentioned Abers that are trying to help with the limited understanding they have of how things work. I'm leaving Jody out of that equation. She's nothing more than a figure head that repost without any feeling. The minion abers do seem to want to help they have just lost all cogitative thinking ability.

    That being said Karen was on multiple meds and obviously dealing with many issues stemming from childhood on up. None of the flock realized the seriousness of the situation. This is when an honest look at her suicide would have benefited tremendously. The flock just doesn't seem to have a clue how serious depression can be. That they try to help I give them that...but they are so damn clueless and kept that way by the mods, admins...all at the direction of Jerry (and Ester).

    The biggest issue I saw with Karen's post was her belief that her life going perfectly was waiting in the vortex...she just had to figure out a way to get there.

    That was the damning piece imho...bc instead of being proactive about her condition which was steadily going downhill (NOT DOWNSTREAM) she kept searching for that perfect combination that would put her in the vortex and her life would be okay.

    I haven't found the post yet on her son's wedding.




    Sorry everyone...but this was a real live person, a beautiful troubled woman who had survived so much, come so far. She had a son who adored her (and god knows what he suffered as a result). SHE DIDN'T EVEN RATE AN HONORABLE MENTION :(

    January 2, 2012 11:34 PM

  4. Mariah said...

    Clarity wrote "That was the damning piece imho...bc instead of being proactive about her condition which was steadily going downhill (NOT DOWNSTREAM) she kept searching for that perfect combination that would put her in the vortex and her life would be okay."

    That sums it up perfectly. I totally relate to that in my own life.

    Tina, I, too, scratch my head and wonder how some of these folks can take this stuff so seriously for so long. Perhaps, like I used to, they just want it to be true.

    Such a tragedy.

    Anyone remember what "Abraham" said true compassion was? I think it was something like focus on the vortex version of them. (Easy guess, that's the standard answer!) That is NOT compassion!

    Clarity and Tina, thank you for your compassionate telling of and responding to this tragic story. <3
    January 3, 2012 8:57 AM

  5. Cosmic Connie said...

    And thank you to all of you for alerting me to yet another dimension of this whole Abe-Hicks scam. What a sad, sad story. Mariah, I have linked to your blog on my latest Abe-Hicks post on Whirled Musings ("Beautiful Daze in the Aber-hood").
    January 3, 2012 11:26 AM

  6. Tina said...

    Clarity, I wrote a long post a few hours ago, but it didn't go through. It was regarding another poster who fell within the same category as Karen. I do agree, and I did write in that post that the forum didn't cause the initial depression, but the toxic information does not do anything to aid a depressed person to feel better; it does just the opposite. I will write about this other poster (and I have no idea if she is still alive or not as she was at rock bottom suicide mode when she was banned). She was to the point of asking about suicide and what Abraham thought. Marc gave her a warning about something; I am not quite sure what it was, but I guess in her questioning and seeking help with alignment, she was bringing the forum down.

    Her name was "CR." She started on the forum in despair over a live-in boyfriend who left her for another woman. She continued to live in the home they shared while he traveled around the world with his new girlfriend. She kept wanting to know how she could get him back and trying to get into alignment in order to "get him back." Her self-esteem was so low that she actually wanted him back after all he had done and continued to do. I read as she struggled to feel good, and in trying to stay aligned and failing, her life spiraled downward. She eventually lost her job, owed back taxes which needed to be paid, and last I read of her, she had to move from her place as her ex-boyfriend was getting married in September and she was being given the final boot. Although she had no money and no job, she was excited about attending her first Esther Scam Seminar in DC. She felt if only she could touch the hem of the "great one," all her pain, suffering and personal issues would disappear and she would finally align. The DC seminar was canceled. I recently looked on the forum, as I was curious if she were still posting, and was surprised to see under her name "banned."

    She, too, was extremely fragile emotionally. Not sure whatever happened to her, but I am sure from her rock-bottom state of mind, being banned from a forum she used to seek help and understanding, didn't send her swooning downstream....
    January 3, 2012 1:30 PM

  7. Tina said...

    Clarity, I went back and looked for that last post from Karen. I cannot find it either. It was made, I believe, on 08/07/09, the day before her son's wedding (if I am correct). It looks like it may have been removed.

    I read an interview with her son last night and he stated something to the effect (at the time of the interview), my mother took her life a year ago after attending my wedding....
    January 3, 2012 2:15 PM

  8. Clarity~ said...

    Tina, I have been reading Karen's post till predawn and most of today. This is not going to go by the wayside. Many are reading her story. Unless the date on the CBS program is incorrect, February 11, 2009, this was not pre Abe. Karen started posting on the forum Oct 2007. Others will be in touch with you shortly. Make sure Miriah has your contact info. Please grant whomever to keep me in the loop as to the exchanges. I would very much appreciate that.

    I can't express enough gratitude for bringing this to my attention. Karen's story deserves to be told AND IT WILL. Thankfully CR did not take herself out. Banned...WHAT THE HELL????? I'm afraid the AHP elite have unleashed an angry monster and I'm just not one to unleash :) What they have done is not criminally prosecutable but it is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.


    January 3, 2012 2:29 PM

  9. Clarity~ said...

    ps...any abe goon squad that reads this...don't bother to erase Karen's post. I've saved all the web pages. You'll only look more guilty than you already are.
    January 3, 2012 2:53 PM

  10. Tina said...

    Actually, Clarity the date that she was on that CBS show was March 23, 2006. Makeover For A Special Mom - CBS News

    Mar 23, 2006 – (CBS) Karen Shelton has struggled through some terrible times. So when her son , Ari Picker, wrote, asking to honor her in The Early Show's ...
    January 3, 2012 4:05 PM

  11. Tina said...

    Her gallery event, if I am reading this correctly, was held in Oct. 2006.

    Animazing Gallery Past Event | Week of Wishes | 10.2006

    Animazing Gallery teamed up with CBS, The National Breast Cancer Foundation to help artist Karen Shelton survive the emotional pain caused by her experience with breast cancer. Read the complete story here. A gallery show for Shelton, featuring her original works, was curated and held at Animazing Gallery. In conjunction with the reception, Animazing also held a silent auction, with proceeds benefitting the American-Italian Cancer Foundation.

    Event Details | Just as We Are. CBS, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Animazing Gallery for artist Karen Shelton. October 19th, 2006.
    January 3, 2012 4:10 PM

  12. Clarity~ said...

    Okay, thanks Tina. The date on CBS was in error. Still by 07 she had been into the teachings for 2 years...her first post to AF~

    Posted: Sat Oct 6th, 2007 02:35 pm

    I just found this site so this subject has probably been addressed many times. I was introduced to Abraham teachings about two years ago and have felt like they changed my perspective 180 degrees. I thought I had even got to the point of staying aligned through all kinds of contrasts, like having to leave my home and the business I loved at the same time, without any money! I felt happy and optimistic through this and then things got worse and worse to the point I was sick for the last four months and had to close my business again.

    My "aligned" explanation is that I am still not "being what I have become" meaning doing this business was not being true to all I can be. Do contrasts sometime happen to move you out of a situation that is not good for you? I just know that I feel beaten down and confused and yes, depressed. And I know I'm certainly not attracting good stuff in this state of mind. In moving up the emotional ladder, all I can usually get to is the anger part and just trying to make peace with this energy place I'm in. I want so many things and I'm not feeling like I have the power to make them happen when so many bad things happened when I was happy. Make sense? Anyone out there who can make sense of this in a better way?

    January 3, 2012 4:51 PM

  13. Clarity~ said...

    Jody's reply~

    Welcome to the Forum Ari! And yes, of course it makes perfect sense! Abraham is often asked by people - how come bad things happen to me even though I'm happy as a clam? (or similar) and their answer is usually around the point you make above - you say you want so many things... and that's GREAT because it means your stream is moving very fast and you've got tons and tons of wonderful manifestations all lined up in your vibrational escrow! If you didn't want so many things, you wouldn't be feeling the bumps of the contrast so hurtfully, but you also wouldn't be lining up for the cool stuff that's in your future. So first of all, it's all good! And where you are is where you are and it's absolutely perfect for right this minute!! Those "bad things" you attracted "even though you were happy" were not about LOA not "working" - no, they were about your vibration being all over the place and the Universe trying to do what it does - give you exactly what you are a vibrational match for! So bless the mess and just get on with lining up with what you want from wherever you are NOW. It really really really and truly truly truly does not matter AT ALL where you have been and what has "happened" in the past, except to give you what Abraham calls "post-manifestational awareness". You can sort of say: ooooohhhh, so THAT'S what I've been vibrating! okaaaayyyy... And it's possible that you were putting the "happy sticker" on some things without realizing it...
    Abraham once told me on the hotseat that I like to dig myself into deep holes so that I can climb out and go "da-da!" "I made it!" Do you think this is your pattern? If so... think of yourself as in the hole that leads to the big "da-da!"
    Ari, while it's true that you won't "attract good stuff" while you are depressed, the good news is you don't have to wait until you are all the way in JOY to attract "good stuff". ALL you have to do is reach for "relief". And don't try to do it on every single aspect of your life at once. Just pick what's most important to you right now. Money? Family? And try to think a thought just a little better than what you "usually" think on that subject. Keep soothing yourself by using humor whenever you can, and knowing that if you were powerful enough to create all this contrast, you are powerful enough to create what you DO want!!!
    Enjoy the expansiveness of the forum, and know that ALL is well.

    January 3, 2012 4:52 PM

  14. Tina said...

    Interesting. I wonder how things might have transpired with the CBS show and her own art exhibition in NYC if she had not been concentrating on keeping aligned and tripping herself up in the midst of trying to follow these false teachings while living her "dream."?

    Just speculation on my part. Those roundabout teachings do tend to trip one up. Remember, I was able to join SAG after a short time of pursuing acting, but got into Abraham and got completely off track with those "teachings." I wonder how many other people, who were on a good track, so to speak, got sidetrack from their goals/dreams/what have you, because of Esther and Jerry's scam.

    That is a blog in itself. :-/
    January 3, 2012 5:25 PM

  15. Clarity~ said...

    I had been through so many teachings over the decades it was first nature to pick what felt right and blow off the rest. I never stressed about being in alignment ya da...never having been a fan of rigidity period. When money was tight I didn't wait for it to drop out of my vortex...I learned good business skills from my mom, who was a single mom and a bookkeeper. I had a good foundation in survival skills growing up with 'less than'. There were some things in the teachings that reminded me of how to feel better 'in spite of'. Because of the service I'm involved in I needed that desperately.

    Mostly I just loved my buddy Abe :) I figured Ester was too dumb to pull something like this off.

    Sigh, I was in error~
    January 3, 2012 6:17 PM

  16. Clarity
    It seems the less seriously people actually take these teachings, the better off they are. :)

  17. Clarity, thanks for the correction on the time frame of Karen getting into the Esther "teachings."

    Jody's post is a real eye roller. Special Jody digging holes like a child at the beach cause she likes jumping out and saying "da-da." Seriously? This is information from infinite intelligence? My 2-year-old niece also likes to jump out of holes, but her phrase of choice is "ma-ma."

    Yes, the less seriously one takes these "teachings," the better off they are!

  18. This is a good post, Mariah, and I appreciate your bringing in some of the comments from a previous thread so they can all be here together. I too was confused about the date/timeline re the CBS video, because the date on the page on which I saw the vid was February 2009. But the file name appears to reveal the real date, and that would apparently precede the date of Karen's joining the Abe forums. Anyway, it's a very sad story and deserves to be told and shared. (That Jody person sounds like a typical self-absorbed New-Wage fruitcake. A perfect A-H follower, in other words. :-))

  19. The funny thing for me is I didn't even read Jody's post. I never read that crap...can't stomach it. I included Jody's reply bc I knew it would be something stupid and for 'historical' perspective. Tina when you said holes in the sand da-da I went wth? So I read Jody's post with my mouth hanging...infinite intelligence roflmao. When I dig myself in a hole first thing I say is oh shit...and when I get out whew. I'll have to practice my da-da's.

    And Connie~since you haven't had the 'pleasure' of knowing more about Jody...she was the top mod on the forum, David G's squeeze. I read one of her post way back when I was cking out the forum where she described getting up each morning with her joe and peruse the forum adding her nips and tucks keeping everyone in line. Any deep questions she would quickly bring back to mindless rhetoric. She was a spy for the hicks joining the offshoot renegade forum, Abe Talk, which was originally Abraham Hicks Talk or something like that. She posted there, as I hear, enjoyed herself, bc that forum was loose in framework. Ppl could discuss other teachers etc or anything they wanted. There was a vagina thread that sent her over the top. She reported it to the Hicks that had a stroke and battle ensued. The hicks wanted Abe's name removed. Aber's felt this was in direct violation of the teachings (don't push against, it's all vibe matching, do what makes you happy etc). Eventually Marcin caved in changing the name to Abe Talk which some Abers took issue with...the caving in. Jerry apparently was very threatening. Marcin as I hear got late night calls from David G with rants and threats. The two forums were always at war and everyone hated Jody for being a spy and tattle tale. That she later ditched David G running off with Peter Bemish to write a sex book is a bit of comic relief. She was definitely one of the abe elite. She ruled the forum with an iron hand. That was my first red flag but ya know how that ole cognitive dissonance works...find some way to um, dig a hole in the sand (and put my head in). I figured if she was representative of the elite there were some serious stupidity issues. Then again ester always struck me as not the brightest light on the tree so it seemed a vibe match. It was my belief that ester was so dumb that the channeling must be authentic. I still remember as I was decompressing and Kyra, bless her, was there as my sounding board, and I kept saying but ester is to dumb to pull this off and she would say, um, maybe not as dumb as you think with links to other charlatans who purposefully pulled the dumb act bc that is the intended picture…too dumb to make something like this up. I now see ester in all her glory, cold, greedy, calculating and very mean spirited. She wouldn’t care about Karen or anyone else. The forum serves one purpose…to keep the cattle buying more. It’s a money making franchise period. If there had been an ounce of decency Karen’s suicide would have been announced, discussed. It didn’t even have to be with the theme the teachings don’t work. It simply could have been we as a group need to be more aware when members have more serious issues so we can help them find the avenues that will keep them from killing themselves. However human life doesn’t matter to the admins, mods or hicks…never has and never will. Just let that settle in…human life does not matter~

  20. First, Mariah, kudos for starting your own personal thoughts and observations about Abe, not knowing if anyone would show-up to share w/you. (Same kudos, of course, to Kyra, Connie and Dave--but I believe they are more veteran bloggers.)

    I am now ashamed to say I was a "poster-child" Aber. I listened to every weekly workshop for 11 yrs, from 1998 to 2009, attended workshops twice a year, interacted in the hotseat a number of times and spent time alone w/"Abraham," J & E.

    Like Clarity, I had been through so many teachings, that after 30 years, Abraham felt like Seth 2.0--a newer age version of the hard-to-ignore, extremely complex teachings of Seth, it appeared Abe simplified--allowed by the heightened energies of later decades. (I'm aware of those saying Jane Roberts was a fraud as well--but have those actually read the vast complexities given by Seth?--seemingly FAR beyond the capabilities and limitations of Roberts.)

    During my first 8.5 years w/Abe, *everything* rang so true--I was on a high w/every weekly workshop.

    I'm intelligent, educated and felt assured of my ability of discernment in evaluating messages and communication "from beyond" for human coloring/distortion and inconsistencies--allowing that all likely had some amount of validity and some amount of distortion. (Although many would say I couldn't be that intelligent if I allowed for non-physical communication!)

    But in my early years w/Abe, I could discern nothing that I felt was off. Aside from the earlier premises ringing so true within me, I was actually reassured (contrary to critics) by Abraham's *consistency*! Remarks are made now about the inconsistencies to help make the case for fraud...but how many heard every workshop for 11 years and 8 years before detecting an unmistakable change? Let me say, that as much as I want to, I can't ultimately "blame" J&E because I had freewill to abandon the teachings at any time. It's just that I do believe they lost the connection and going on without that, distorted the original teachings to keep the $ flowing, insidiously distorting (and ruining many of) the lives of Abraham's devotees.

    Comparisons have been made to James Ray--I'd love to know J&E's total BODY COUNT--those who either committed suicide like Karen because they couldn't get it "right," or the larger numbers who were conditioned to refuse seeking medical treatment for the greater fear of then having "a spotlight shined on a diagnosis that will only get bigger" ! ! !

    >> If I had known Jerry was going to run right to the docs with a spider bite and then when a bigger diagnosis resulted, immed'ly choose the "heavy guns" of chemotherapy, instead of an afternoon w/Abraham -OR- that a personal recording specially prepared for him by Abraham would have no effect and result in his dying (!) I'd have been spared those same heavy guns by seeking a diagnosis before that level was needed!! (I have to say, I already had an inherent fear of docs/hospitals, but the Abe teachings--and Abe's personal reassurance that I was fine and that all I had to do was "chill"--gave me all the reason I needed to not overcome that fear.) Finally, a manifestation that could -not- be ignored was all that saved me from their body count.

    I agree with Clarity...there's no way to prosecute such "crimes," but there's certainly a cry for accountability for nothing short of criminal consequences of J&E's self-serving, money-hungry fraud. And what they did to my husband and I personally was completely self-serving, callous, without regard for us as human beings and a costly crime for us both monetarily and physically.

    (Please forgive me, but I'm not yet ready to provide details should anyone have questions about my personal experience w/Abe, J & E. Don't mean to be aggravating about that, but I felt I had to contribute here what I now could.)

  21. Hi Claire- thanks for the kudos and the comments.

    Like you, my "wake up" came from a manifestation that could not be ignored. I am glad to hear you did not ignore it and are here!!

    I'd love to hear more about the unmistakeable change that you noticed.

  22. Ah Claire…one of my favorite ppl. It's so nice to see you posting. You said something that I've wanted to address,

    I am now ashamed to say I was a "poster-child" Aber.

    Bc I was just discussing this with CConnie yesterday. So many ex Abers have such low self esteem bc they ‘did Abe’. I hear it all the time. One of the reasons I didn't beat myself up when I awakened to the ruse is I'm an avid student of the biases. Might say I'm a bias junkie. I really recommend reading Wikipedia cognitive bias (or any other articles of which there are many).

    Bias is an inclination to present or hold a partial perspective at the expense of (possibly equally valid) alternatives. Bias can come in many forms.
    A cognitive bias is the human tendency to make systematic decisions in certain circumstances based on cognitive factors rather than evidence. Bias arises from various processes that are sometimes difficult to distinguish. Cognitive bias describes the inherent thinking errors that humans make in processing information. These thinking errors prevent one from accurately understanding reality, even when confronted with all the needed data and evidence to form an accurate view. It is important to remember, however, that in everyday life, just knowing about these biases doesn't necessarily free you from them.

    In science, cognition refers to mental processes. These processes include attention, remembering, producing and understanding language, solving problems, and making decisions. Cognition, or cognitive processes, can be natural or artificial, conscious or unconscious.

    Take this a step further and learn what critical thinking entails. Here are a few tubes to give perspective…

    Critical thinking is not something that is taught in our society. Schools are not designed to teach critical thinking and most of our teachers don't even know what it is. Critical thinking is something you have to make a decision to learn about.

    What many Abers present and past don't ‘get’ is Jerry was a top level Amway exec. Amway motivational speakers understand anxiety and target these anxieties through the biases. It was not that Jerry got lucky with his Abe creation…it was planned in minute detail. The Abe Forum was structured to support the franchise. The abeways are structured to support the franchise. The problem Ester now faces is Jerry was the mastermind behind the productions. He didn't just sit at the table taking notes bc he was enthralled…he was making notes, checking audience responses to plan future productions. Ester is now winging it without a director that had a clear understanding of marketing. It's the reason we are seeing more of the AHP goon squad…they are running scared.

    Even something as silly as Jody's digging in the sand…think about the bias triggers-childhood, fun at the beach, sand, water, wonderful sea smells, an implied sense of freedom, the joy of a child going da-da. Images like these pull bias triggers. Ester while appearing quite dumb was actually much more skilled (because she was taught by a master) in using words that trigger biases at which point all critical thinking is suspended.


  23. Abe-isms targeted some of our most sensitive fear based biases…health, death, finances, weight, relationships and fear of being alone. There are more I'm sure you can see if you just think a little about it. You can even see what bias triggers you responded to the most.

    If you really want to understand what happened to you in your Aber haze you won't get there by beating yourself up. We are all subject to some haze bc we all have biases and have not developed the skill of critical thinking. One would only have to look at the political scene (vote for the lesser of two evils…boy does that pull triggers), sports fanatics, diet fanatics, parenting fanatics, relationship fanatics…the list goes on and on. At the basis of this is our ingrained fear of making the wrong decision hence losing which ultimately could result in serious consequences (like death). This correlates with our flight or fight mechanism…our reptilian brain.

    “Anxiety is actually an automatic, "built-in" response to perceived threats that allows us to do what is necessary to protect ourselves whenever we encounter danger. Often called "fight-or-flight arousal", this response involves a series of changes in our bodies that prepare us to take immediate action to deal with a threat or crisis.

    The origins of the fight-or-flight response go back to a time when people lived closer to natural predators in densely forested settings. At that time, daily life was filled with very real and immediate threats that called for quick responses. Consider what a typical day might have looked like ten thousand years ago:

    A crucial thing to understand about the fight-or-flight response is that it is there to help us to "take control" of a situation. When we are responding to an immediate physical threat, taking control is helpful. At other times, however, particularly when the problem is anxiety itself, the increased fight-or-flight arousal that comes with trying to "take control" is more of a problem than a solution. This is the control paradox.”

    We spend the majority of our waking moments being pulled hither and yon by our biases. To fall into the trap of self flagellation over your Aber haze simply propels you from one bias to another. You were not stupid, you simply were not thinking bc you have not learned how to think and you have not fully comprehended your reptilian brain and how it functions. Well, welcome to the norm.

    One of the things I held to as I was decompressing were Kyra’s words that her thinking ability actually improved as a result of the Aber haze. I have to say that had it not been for the Aber haze my thinking would not have progressed to the level it is now. I am profoundly grateful for the whole Abe experience bc it has enabled me to reach new levels of understanding about myself and how I function.

    It's the reason when I had to pick a name to post under, and I'm terrible about on the spot decisions, clarity just popped out. Yes I thought, this is what it’s all about (for me)…greater clarity.

    I can't change anyone if they are committed to self negation and recrimination. But I can say with all ha, clarity, that if you go that route you have exchanged one anxiety/ hence bias, for another. Consider that from an expanded level you walked into the whole Aber haze fully intending to buy into the whole thing to further your understanding of how your mind works. I don't see my life as a series of mistakes but a series of stepping stones to the next level of knowing. We all play the fool in one arena or another. It's part of the game of life. Why not enjoy the game, not take it so seriously, and focus on gaining greater skill with the game? Cut yourself some slack and see the bigger picture. See who you really are.

    Bill Hicks sums it up really well...It's Just a Ride

  24. Mariah, I am so grateful for your blog in general and this posting in particular. I found such insight from all the comments. Tina, I do identify with you about losing creative steam following Abe, I have been waking up and can't believe how far I got off my acting and writing path of dicipline and action , just doing it, thinking I was doing it much better by doing nothing and "letting it all come to me" I now hate the word /words "allow" and "letting go" and "trust in the process" Clarity, I would love to believe in critical thinking and not beating myself up and thinking that it is just a ride, but right now I can't. I do love your spirit and all the wonderful information you have contributed in your comments. I am now listening to myself in a keener way than ever before, and for that I am grateful to AH. And I don't mind thinking of the AH years, about 9 or, as lost years I am proud of myself for saying I made a huge mistake and there were red flags, which I refused to see. I was never a poster girl for AH, but I did attend a lot of seminars and listen to a lot of tapes, I still felt I was a bit of a renegade, which they praises too, of course, rebels welcome too, all money is welcome. I felt understood and valdated for being different, etc. Claire, I really value your comment, it is so helpful. I have such regrets how I treated my son and others with my ABE ways. Again, I don't mind having regrets because I can eventually wash them clean. I too wonder what the real body count is and wonder what the body count of Amway was. Clarity I am so glad you brought Karen out of the banned Abraham closet and into the light. I think her story is going to help so many others wake up. I just love you for it and Mariah for putting it on her blog and for Tina talking about it. It feels good and clean and warm and human to be in your company

  25. charmcat said...

    Clarity, I would love to believe in critical thinking and not beating myself up and thinking that it is just a ride, but right now I can't.


    It's not intended to give you something to believe in. It's intended to highlight a direction that requires focus to understand. We don't 'believe' ourselves into critical thinking...we study it, learn how to do it (if one so chooses). I would be the last person in the world to ask someone to believe anything I present.

    But alas, feeling bad, feeling regret, beating oneself up must have some benefit bc it is such a popular theme :)

    @Tina...our little Nancy Drew sleuth Kyra found an old thread of Karen's that still had her avatar. It now sits in my picture folder for anyone (um, Tina) who might still want a copy. It is a beautiful painting btw. I can see why you were so drawn to it.

    You have my contact information~just sayin

  26. Hi charmcat- I agree, it feels good to be human among humans again. :)

  27. Mariah said...
    it feels good to be human among humans again. :)


    We are all humans and when you start to understand how much we are all alike (with just differing expressions) the sense of separation from others vanishes and compassion has soil in which to bloom.

    As angry as I get at times at the Hicks et all...I never forget that they are just like me and expressing their fears in ways I may not choose (I deff have my own fear idiosyncracies), but I do understand. Expression of fear is a very personal thing but we all have it till we choose, as Bill said, love. How we get to the place of being able to choose that more than not is a personal road of self discovery. It's very easy to divide our lives into pre and post abe...but it doesn't work like that. Our lives are a continous stream. Our 'Self' knows this, our 'self' does not.

  28. Clarity- her comment about humans hit a nerve with me, because I was just thinking how in-human my thought process was when I was practicing the Abraham teachings. I feel now like I experience and enjoy a range of human emotions, rather than setting aside two or three that are considered good. :) It's more enjoyable this way, I feel more alive. I also enjoy my interactions with others in a way that I didn't before.

    Her comment also hit home with me, because I was had written something about feeling human again in the post I wrote this morning, but changed the wording for some reason. (I think I left it out because I was thinking of Access Consciousness and their human/humanoid paradigm and just didn't want to go there.)

    I didn't mean to imply that I felt anyone
    A-H related was inhuman, although it may have sounded like that. :)

    The way I live now is a way of life that I prefer.

  29. Mariah said...I didn't mean to imply that I felt anyone
    A-H related was inhuman,

    :) Yeah, I know. I was actually coming at this from a different angle but it doesn't matter. Just me playing with subjective vs objective :)

  30. [I tried to post this right after Clarity's immediate response to my post a while back, but I kept getting a "whoops" and my post lost--so it may seem a bit out of sequence.]

    First let me say that I'm thrilled, Clarity, that you provided all the info (and links) that you did! An unexpected trip into ~clarity~ that we all need and should investigate--not just for this subject, but for all our experience. Your words and links will prove helpful and as great reminders for me -and- my family members.

    I'm uncertain now whether you've changed your allowance that there was initially a non-phyiscal communication. In any discussion such as this, the allowance or disallowance of that plays a crucial part in assessing one's own or anyone's involvement. I personally, from a base in worldly cutting-edge physics, see no reason to rule out possible communication from one frequency to another--so that certainly sets me up with an unavoidable bias in that direction. That makes it harder for me to imagine that an Amwayt huckster and questionable side-kick could initiate such an *initially* powerful, simple and clear production.

    [Don't mean this to be focused on me per se, because I feel I speak for many cautious, wary and discerning seekers who found a base w/Abraham.]
    Clarity said: "You were not stupid, you simply were not thinking bc you have not learned how to think..." >>> It is *that* that I am (not really ashamed of) stunned by. I've been very confident in my ability to think and evaluate in a non-biased way--for I am very well-versed in the subject of objective thinking--or so I thought! For decades I perused the metaphysical very critically--and took courses in quantum mechanics/physics to confirm the possible validity of "you create your own reality." It's there. So when Seth evolved (?) into Abe, "their" meta-physics well-met the physics correlation. *It was careful, critical, educated thinking that kept me with Abe!* Yes, stunned is a better word than ashamed.

    I assess my greatest weakness is that in feeling comfortable w/Abe in "their" providing a scientific (energy) basis and a logical explanation for how this world works that so aligned with quanatum physics, that I let my resulting emotional investment keep me rationalizing long past the warning bells.

    I'm brought back to the dilemma of having a discussion of "Abrascam" when it's a slam-dunk if one does not believe in the possibility of non-physical communication and the discussion is strictly about damage done by pure fraud and the other possibility of distortion/contortion/loss of an initial valid connection, with its loss and resulting fraud. And actually, I realize this mention is really not important and takes us off the valid discussion of damage done regardless of the story behind it.

    Immeasurable damage in my family beyond $ and health--basic foundations cracked or obliterated because a nice, neat scientifcally viable premise is a joke, which leaves us floundering for some other viable premise upon which to base life's reason and purpose. (Objective thinking aside,most of us do better if we can latch on to a reason and purpose we can believe with our hearts.) Being here at the pleasure of an angry & judgmental God has not been an option for us. Choosing to come to a playground of self discovery and empowerment sounded so much better.

  31. I want to add, that I don't mean to imply it's either Abraham or a judgmental God--by any means! Of course, there are an unlimited number of possibilities! But the "teachings" of Abraham (and for those of us who aced them) did vividly prove that we do not *consciously* create our own reality. Believing that we did was so wonderful--if I only have to "worry" about my own head and not everything *else*...I could do that.

    I also understand that this can still be a playground of self discovery, but I've had to drop the empowerment part. Even in the evolution of our own appearing empowerment--great or small--we still get kicks in the butt *seemingly* outa nowhere. I guess I'm saying it was a happy and welcome challenge to think I was the only one kicking my butt. Any other source or story about this place is too frightening for me because it puts something else in control (even if it's a greater me from a higher level. ;-)

  32. Claire- glad you clarified. :)

    I, too, was happy to take responsibility for it all. If I did it, that puts me squarely in control! :)

  33. I've just posted, and I will add a link to this article inside.

    Keep up the good work!

  34. Claire said…
    I'm uncertain now whether you've changed your allowance that there was initially a non-physical communication.

    Just wrote you a long email on such. For here I'll say still on the fence. I'm content to sit on the fence bc making any hasty determination only means I'm forcing something before the time is ripe. In that respect I'm the consummate fence sitter…I'll sit for years if need be. What I find with perplexing questions is one day I just know…the answer comes. It's like the game jeopardy…you already know the answer, you just have to figure out the question. My answer is there and I've got my question…but apparently I don't have enough information yet to line it all up. Answering that question will require more than data analysis. Bias will cloud any perceptions (either way).

    I personally, from a base in worldly cutting-edge physics, see no reason to rule out possible communication from one frequency to another--so that certainly sets me up with an unavoidable bias in that direction.

    I resemble that remark and add to that I've had enough first hand experiences to reinforce this. From what I've experienced, seen, that has blown my concepts, from a critical thinking perspective I was either completely crazy or it happened. My bias is naturally, I think it happened but ha, who am I to analyze my level of sanity?

    That makes it harder for me to imagine that an Amway huckster and questionable side-kick could initiate such an *initially* powerful, simple and clear production.

    Thing is even if an Abe did come through, which in my estimate if it did happen surprised the Hicks most of all…Jerry's training is in marketing. It would be the most natural thing in the world for him to market it. Marketing and Jerry are synonymous. I do believe, and it's just from data analysis, that the original Abe production was his marketing brainchild. If something happened along the way and an expanded intelligence did pop in…fence sitting. Is there any Abe left (if there was one) I don't see or feel. But everything comes through the lens I view through. I've seen enough of channels (various capacities) that it's hit or miss always, combinations there of.

    I've been very confident in my ability to think and evaluate in a non-biased way

    But that's just it bc I have traveled those roads too. I can see 'looking back’ that I utilized my thinking abilities to the best of my ability for where I as at ‘then’. My ability to think in a clearer manner evolves as I do. The way I think now is much more expanded than 10 years ago or even a few months ago. It's like my mind just keeps growing in potential.


  35. that I let my resulting emotional investment keep me rationalizing long past the warning bells.

    As I said to you in email last night…the biggest piece of the puzzle on my own bias functioning was how my cognitive dissonance works. Boy…that was a huge eye opener. And you know what…I'm better for the experience. Cognitive dissonance is fascinating to me and to see how my bias operated on automatic to resolve the dissonance is quite revealing.

    I also understand that this can still be a playground of self discovery, but I've had to drop the empowerment part.

    Well I haven't dropped that but it's because not only do I believe this is all a dream but I've had experiences where I've seen behind the veils. Sure I've read supporting information but these peaks happened before I even knew what I know now. When you are standing there and all the illusion stops and you are looking at the construct of the matrix going wth? It is life altering to say the least. It was because of those experiences that my all consuming why are we here, that started in childhood, persisted. I never came to Abe bc I wanted money, health, a relationship made in heaven, I needed to find a way to deal with grief and regret tied in with the service I'm evolved in. I do know that my main lifelong question…why…could not even be addressed if grief and regret had me chained. Abe did show me how to go past grief and regret. I also picked up that some of what was said tied in with my knowledge of quantum things and I found a few pieces of the puzzle. That's where my cog dissonance kicked in bc early on I stumbled onto Joyous Survival…the get your goggles, store beans and rice bs. I remember so clearly when I read that my heart rate increased, blood pressure raised…all the reptilian fight or flight responses…and through the amazing facility of various biases it was swept under the rug. Then the crop circle thing…another body response thing…and more cog dissonance smoothing. Finally when the last straw, the jumping spider story, I'd been under the rug sweeping for so long just could do it any more. Even I get the obvious sooner or later. But actually on another level the dissonance had grown too great to further contain.

    Because I ascribe to the body/mind/spirit philosophy (which has borne out for me experientially) I'm focused on the mind part presently (the other two have been addressed). I'm taking my thinking to um, greater clarity, bc I feel it is a part that is desirous of further expansion. I make a drawing board and line up things I think will further this process. Where it all leads…have not a clue.

  36. Clarity...thanks for your clarity. I feel we're waving at each other on the same wide path.

  37. Hello all, and thanks for the honest discussion. A few of you have mentioned "red flags" that came up for you somewhere along the line while listening to or watching Esther. The first little thing I remember observing was Esther being overweight. The physical evidence of that conflicted with my thoughts that it would be so amazing to have access to the energy of these non-physical beings known as Abraham, and wow, Jerry and Esther must be in perfect health, youthful and vibrant, regardless of their ages. And then it was like--wait a second--Esther looks like an average woman of her age who has gotten thicker in the middle and is only able to button the top button of her jacket. (Remember all those workshops of her standing barefoot on the stage in her long black suit jacket buttoned only at the top)? And Jerry, well we know what became of him physically.

    I bring this up not to be mean, but to point out there are so many clues that we choose not to see (as Clarity explained, due to our biases). Some of these clues are literally right in front of our eyes but we choose to ignore them. After making the first observation about her weight and their lack of vibrant good health, I decided to focus on myself and to lean toward a better feeling--ha!

  38. P.S. I too would love to see Karen's painting that was used as her avatar.

  39. Hi, Rachel- thanks for the comments! I've written about that a little, I saw something that rubbed me the wrong way re: Esther and/or Jerry, and did the proper Aber thing, worked on my own vibration! It's a slick deal they got going there!

    I remember hearing on one of the recordings from 2011, Esther as Abraham referenced people writing in about Esther's weight. I don't recall what she said, but in retrospect, I think it's funny that she brought it up.

    Clarity sent me a copy of Karen's artwork that Kyra had found. If you want to e-mail me at areyoukidding44 at ymail dot com I'll send it to you.

  40. Here's a link to Karen's avatar resized...

    Don't know why I didn't think of this before :)

  41. Mariah said...

    I remember hearing on one of the recordings from 2011, Esther as Abraham referenced people writing in about Esther's weight. I don't recall what she said, but in retrospect, I think it's funny that she brought it up.


    It's the famous Abe what brings you joy.

    or...Abe's guide to Thunder Thighs

    Lots of us tried that diet :)

  42. Thanks for the photo link!

    Gotta love the Abe diet!
    Maybe I will name my extra layer of tub "Abe" lol

  43. Oh, yes, Abraham's diet (and more income added to the Hicks with their "Abraham" guided Think and Grow Thin schnick). As you pointed out Rachel, if Esther couldn't do it with her direct line to all these fabulously intelligent nonphhysical, source, God-like beings, how could the rest of us possibly succeed?

    Unfortunately, I never did become a vibrational match to cheesecake. :-/

  44. Thanks for the link, Clarity; Karen's painting is beautiful indeed!

    "It's the famous Abe what brings you joy.
    or...Abe's guide to Thunder Thighs
    Lots of us tried that diet :)"

    --ROFLMAO, thanks for the giggle!

    Tina, I haven't become a vibrational match to cheesecake either, alas.

    A few months ago I was watching one of the DVD series, I think it was "Getting Into the Vortex" and there was a guy in the hot seat talking about food and health. Esther said something like once he was in his vortex, he would be led to do all the right things that would bring him vibrant good health (Just rub the crystal ball 3 times and make a wish).

    Yes Mariah, they do have a slick deal going on! Esther's answer was a very slick way out of the question, because she didn't have to give him any specifics (which is what he was looking for) about what foods to eat (i.e. Did it need to be organic, non-GMO food? or would any food give him good health once he was in the vortex?). It was basically, "Get in your vortex, dude and all the answers are there. You're on your own."

  45. Rachel, did you catch any of the recent Phoenix workshop? I saw a couple of segments on you tube before Abraham Hicks Publications had them removed. In the part where Esther first says that Jerry is serving as a "bridge" now that he has died, it's obvious (to me) that it just kind of slips out. And the hotseater says, "A bridge? Can you explain more about that?" And Esther/Abraham says "not really" and "figure it out" and that "they" are tired of us leaving all the answering to "them."

    I thought Abraham LIKED being "in the vortex" which is supposedly where all the answers are. Looks like Esther is tired of answering those pesky questions of people actually looking for some help.

  46. Figure it out! Yes, folks, you, too, can pay $195 plus your travel expenses to have INFINITE INTELLIGENCE tell you to "figure it out." What a deal!

  47. And don't forget we've shortened the Abeway by an hour for your convenience. Abe said you would like that :)

  48. I haven't seen any of the Phoenix workshop...I keep meaning to watch it through a Torrent, but haven't worked up the motivation. (Maybe I'm waiting until I feel that HELL YES! feeling...ha ha).

    I think there was a comment on Kyra's blog about Esther/Abe making those dismissive remarks. It is VERY telling that AHP removed the segments. Their staff aka goon squad must be working overtime lately with all these blogs popping up and the growing numbers of people waking up to the hoax. It's going to be really interesting to see how all this plays out. NOW we're on the cutting edge...

  49. Wow. Went on the A-H website just to see what Esther's up to. A whole series now of upcoming workshops. And Jerry's name is still included in the come-ons, even for cruises. There's something...something about that that's especially off-putting. I think it's a kind of arrogance that their "followers" are sooo hooked, there's no reason to bother updating the website just because Jerry's dead.

  50. I think they are going to continue to pretend that Jerry is now part of "Abraham."

  51. Oh, right. Right. Makes things so much easier. I missed the obvious.

  52. Sheesh, they're pretty shameless, but I guess years of successfully pulling off the hoax has given Esther elephant sized cajones.

  53. Mariah, Claire, Rachel: Yeah, what y'all said. I mean, why quit when you have such a good thing going? If paying customers are willing to believe in that whole imaginary-pals collective in the first place, how much more of a stretch is it for them to believe that Jerry has joyfully joined the ranks of the disembodied?

    And think of what a convenient prop Dead Jerry is. Every time Esther goofs on stage, she can laugh and say it's ol' Jer playing tricks on her again. Ha, ha. Not to sound crass, but Jerry may very well be worth more to her "transitioned" than he was playing Ed McMahon to her Johnny Carson at live events. The Abe shtick was like a life insurance policy that she's cashing in on now.

    The Merry Widow waltzes on...

  54. CConnie, EXCELLENT commentary on the next chapter of Abrascam...and...*really* funny. And sadly, probably true.


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