Sunday, January 8, 2012

Personality Type

I've been doing some interesting reading on the subject of different personality types.   I have come across some excellent books that explain things quite well.  In trying to understand my daughter better, I am coming to understand myself better!

I do recall hearing of different personality types a number of years ago, but at the time, it wasn't meaningful to me.  Now that I am living with another person full time, I am finding that looking at different personality types is helping me to be easier on myself and on my daughter.

I've been thinking that perhaps the Abraham processes actually do work for certain personality types and clearly do not work for other personality types.  (Mine being one of them.)  I have never intended to say that my own experience with the teachings should be the same as everyone else's.  I am writing from my experiences for anyone who happens to have had similar experiences or may click with what I have to say.

I am reading a book about "spirited" children and adults.  The author talks about how working within the characteristics of that personality type can make a big difference in family life.  She gives an example of a family's success.  I am going to contrast this family's approach to a specific situation, working with knowledge of personality types, with the advice I believe Esther/Abraham would give.

The "issue" was really pretty simple.  The mother of the family wanted her husband and son to sit down to eat family dinner together.  A typical desire that most would even say was not unusual.  However, the husband and son just could not sit still at dinner time and much preferred to eat while walking around.  After the mother realized that her husband and son were "spirited" and that she really doesn't fit those characteristics, she had more understanding of their differences in dinner-time values.  As a family, they bought chairs that swiveled around, and all sat at the dinner table together, while the father and son swiveled to their hearts' content.  Win-win.

Now, imagine that same mother would have asked Esther/Abraham for help with, "I would like to sit down to dinner as a family, and my husband and son do not."  Of course I do not know exactly what Esther would say, but I did study these teachings for quite awhile and have a good idea.  The answer would go something like this: "You're paying too much attention to what-is.  In your vortex, you and your family are already sitting down to dinner together.  It's done!  Your inner being is already sitting down to dinner with your family, and they're having a blast!  You're the only hold-out! How long are you going to remain a hold-out, by giving your vibrational attention to what-is?  Go general, try to feel better."  She may suggest she "pre-pave" how dinner would go when her son and husband were not at home.  Or spend time thinking how the mother wants to FEEL at dinner time, and work her way towards that feeling.  Esther/Abraham would tell her that if she can have a pure enough vibration, that her son and husband would sit down to dinner with her.  That if she were vibrating along with her inner being, that it would not be POSSIBLE for her husband and son to exhibit characteristics other than what she wanted.  (It's the law!) 

Well, given the husband and son's personality type, that day (where they all sat down to dinner) would never come, no matter what the mother did vibrationally or emotionally.

Or imagine an extroverted person is married to an introverted person.  Extroverted spouse needs to chat and spend time together when he comes home from work, introverted spouse needs to chill out for a little while before spending time together.  Extroverted spouse applies the Abraham teachings, certain that if he works on his vibration enough, then his wife will want to chat and be lovey dovey the second she comes home from work.  Again, that is not going to happen if all the extroverted person does is work on his vibration.  However, if the two took personality type into account, it is likely they could fairly easily come up with something that worked for both of them.

I'll give an example from my own life.  After reading about spirited children, I realized that both my daughter and I fit these characteristics.  One feature of this personality type is that a spirited person does not quickly change gears from one activity to another, as compared to those who are fine with jumping from activity to activity.  For myself, I've always been frustrated when my daughter interrupted me, and I thought there was something wrong with me that I found it so aggravating to be interrupted while working on a project.  I worked on my vibration all day long on that topic!  After reading that book, I have a better understanding of why I would get so annoyed, and I find that when I accept myself for being slow to change, I don't get so annoyed.  It's just how I am, no need to get annoyed at myself for being who I am.  My daughter also does not change activities quickly, a former source of frustration for me.  I worked on my vibration with that, too, hoping that if I were in the vortex enough, it wouldn't take a half hour for us to get ready just to walk down the street to check the mail.  Now that I am aware of her preferences, I give her adequate warning, and we get along just fine.  In this case, suggestions from a more psychological perspective made a huge difference, and I didn't have to do any Abraham processes!  

I think one thing that is off with these teachings for me is that they do not take into account personality type.  I feel that by doing these various processes, I was trying to change myself into something that I am not, and likely never will be.  I also feel like in doing these processes, I was hoping that by working on my vibration, others would begin to exhibit qualities that I wanted to see, qualities that may be the opposite of their personality type.

Esther's one-size-fits-all approach just does not work for everyone.


  1. This is very interesting Miriah...good post. I was lmao over all the suggestions Esterham might give on the dinner table crisis :) Swivel chairs sounds much easier.

    It reminds me of a mom in the hotseat, 5 kids and a real jerk for a hubby. She wanted to know how to cope and Esterham gave all sorts of vibration advice. Why didn't Esterham just give the advice how Ester resolved her own marriage conundrum? Find a new rich hubby (who was engaged btw).

    I know, my bad. I'm feeling frisky today *wink*

  2. Good one Clarity! And I agree, buying swivel chairs is much easier than all that vibrational WORK, and it is work, although they claim it to be easy. Just sit and do nothing.

    Funny, though, how everyone perceives these teachings differently. It it the ambiguity of it all. When I read your thoughts on what Esther would reply, I had a different view. I imagined she would tell the hot seater that what they did was their business and she didn't need to change them. The part that matches yours would be she would have to find a way to be happy with her what-is and allow them to be who they are because they were clearly in their Vortexes while walking around and eating. It is she who needs to change, not them. Oh brother, I am sure if you ask 10 "Abers and ex-Aber's" the same questions you would get 10 different perceptions. That is the basis of Ester's teachings. She can't get it wrong..

  3. Tina- I can see that answer as well. Maybe depends on Esther's mood. I've heard her give answers that were different (in my perception) from answers to other hotseaters. She doesn't have to 100% consistent, since she can always say she (Abraham) is reading the vibration of the hotseater and the people in the room.

  4. Exactly Mariah! The perfect scam.

    This is off topic, but made me laugh. I was noticing the spelling of Esther by some here as Esther, and I had remembered a post on the forum in which David Gordon wrote about the mispellings and how he would be putting in an autocorrect for when Ester was typed, it would be changed to the correct spelling of Esther. (I wondered if Esther complained about her name being mispelled lol). I usually type Esther, but notice I typed Ester instead in my prior post. Law of attraction in action? I think from here on I will type her name as Ester. (I also wonder why action needed to be taken to make sure her name was spelled correctly. Couldn't she or Mr. Gordon aligned themselves with the correct spelling?)

    Here is the post from the forum:

    David Gordon gushes: I just got the domain and it will be active soon to point to this thread. I've also made this thread a sticky. The other REALLY cool thing is when Esther's name is spelled "E s t e r" It comes out spelled correctly. That part, I really like. The spelling correction will be made to all posts since the beginning. So there ya go! You can test it and see.

  5. Exactly, Tina. Esther just needs to align with her name spelled correctly, and it is LAW that that is all she would see. According to Abe.

    But what if someone doesn't know how to spell it, never heard of or saw the name? Law of attraction would keep them apart from Esther, if her vibration were pure enough?

    So Abe says, raise your vibe (or let is raise) and you will only see from others what is in line with your preferences. But what if you prefer something that is contrary to another's capabilities or personality type?

  6. On my tiny gadget this morning, sorry for typos and words left out!

  7. You simply need to align yourself with perfect spelling and grammar on your tiny gadget. As you can see from my postings, I was able to do it...NOT. :-/

  8. In an ironic twist of fate, the autospelling didn't work for Mr. Gordon. (Seems to me he took action before aligning lol). As the posts go on, it is true that Ester was being corrected to Esther, but when one typed Esther correctly, it would auto-change it to yESTHERday or manifETHER.

    Back to the drawing board for Mr. Gordon (His attempt to control what others do flopped).

    David Gordon concedes: Oh, well.. the best laid plans they say. Back to the drawing board. I had to take that feature off. The word ester (something in a perfume) I can deal with, but everything else, not so much!

  9. Tina, you are so right! As soon as I saw a typo, I launched a rocket for no typos. So the fact that I made another typo means I'm out of alignment. Darn!!!!

    I think this whole "you feel bad because you are not keeping up with You" thing is really not very nice to say to people.

    That autocorrect story is really funny! :)

  10. LOL! That is funny and so true! It is really funny to watch abers not take their own advice about alignment.

    Mariah, the not keeping up with myself drove me nuts for many years. It's strange that now that I am not following the "teachings" so much I am genuinely much happier and more positive.


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